ROC Bunkers

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ROC Bunker Guidelines and Objectives

Article 1

ROC Bunkers, applies to Amateur Radio operations made from ROC Bunkers and Nuclear Bunkers. They will be identified by a three part reference number: - Two letters for Country of Origin: For example: GI for Northern Ireland, - a number for the activation order : 001, 002, 003.

Article 2

Activation requests should be received a minimum of two days prior to the event by the completion of an activation form which is completed and sent electronically to the group.  See activation form link above.

Article 3

Amateur Radio Operation must take place, 500m or within the locator square of the location. This must be deemed safe, with the permisson of any authorised persons. To be validated by ROC Bunkers, a minimum of 10 contacts in HF or 5 contacts in VHF or UHF should be made within one single operation period. A copy of the log-book (on paper or electronic format) should be submitted to ROC Bunkers within the following two months after the activity.

Article 4

During the Amateur Radio Operation, in addition to the exchanged reports, it is strongly recommended to give not only a brief description of the used radio equipment but also to give some information concerning the origin and the history of the site if known. In participating in such operation, amateurs commit themselves to answer within six months maximum to any QSL demand, either directly or via the bureau.

Article 5

The award is available either in CW, phone or digi modes on all HF bands (from 10 to 160m) or in VHF - UHF bands (6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm). Any contacts made by repeaters, satellites, IRLP, ECHOLINK or mobile phone will not be accepted. Basic Award: ranging between 10 contacts to 50 contacts.

Article 6

Any award application should be accompanied by log extracts containing the following information; reference number, call sign of the Amateur Radio Station, date/time, RST, frequency and mode. QSL cards must be available to controllers on request.

Article 7

Award may also be applied for by SWL's under the same conditions as those applicable to the Licensed Amateur Radio Operators.

Article 8

All applications for the ROC Bunkers award must be addressed to [email protected]. CASHOTA is an affiliated organisation who administers the awards.

Article 9

The award fee is 5 Pounds Sterling or 10 Euro. This to cover printing and postage. This amount will be revised on a yearly basis.

Article 10

ROC Bunkers reserves the right to modify subject rules, taking into account that validations for previous expeditions will remain.